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Worker’s Compensation in Grand Rapids, MI

Worker's Compensation in Grand RapidsWhat wages will I receive?




You were injured on the job and have been approved for worker’s compensation. You live in Michigan and have hired a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI. So now, the question remains,what kind of benefits will I receive for lost wages? How is that wage determined? For wages lost, an injured worker is entitled to receive 80 percent of the after-tax value of the wages that are lost. It does not matter whether you are permanently or partially disabled. You are injured on the job, you are entitled to payments that result in 80 percent of your normal wages. For example if you unable to return to work due to your work injury, you are entitled to receive 80 percent of your average weekly wage after-tax value,before the injury occurred. Your Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI will help you understand more of how this works.The average weekly wage is determined by a basic method. It is an average of 39 of the last 52 weeks before the injury.

For example, you earn $400 a week for the last year before the injury; you earn $400 weekly average however; if over the last 52 weeks, you earn a different amount each week, then the 39 highest weeks would be added together and divided by 39 to get a weekly average. If the worker is employed at more than one business, the weekly amount received will be based on all money earned within the last year.If your average weekly pay is $400, that is what you get as worker’s compensation is not subject to neither state nor federal income tax.In order to receive worker’s compensation, the injurymust keep you out ofwork for a minimum of one week or seven days. After the waiting period of seven days, you would be entitled to benefits on the eighth day. If the injurylasts more than two weeks, you would then be entitled to receivecompensation for the first week of disability. Benefitswill be continued so long as the worker is disabled.

This could conceivably be for the rest of theworker’s life however; benefits are reduced by 5 percent each yearbeginning with the year of the 65th birthday and continues until age 75. After age 75, the worker will be eligible to receivepayments that are 50percent of the earned wages. Many different circumstances can be accounted for as the law for worker’scompensation is a bit varied. Only your Worker’s Compensation Lawyer inGrand Rapids, MI can help you with understand your rights and benefits.
The bottom line stays the same: if you are injured on the job, it is youremployers responsibility to insure that proper medicalcare is received at nocost to you and that any rehabilitative care is also paid for. The employer is also responsible for lost wages that was caused by injury.If you have been hurt on the job and feel like you are not getting what youare entitled to receive, contact a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in the Grand Rapids, MI area.