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dfrIt is often said that bumps, bruises and scratches each hold a unique story. Sometimes, these things heal quickly and aren’t a nuisance to the sufferer, but at other times, getting hurt in a crash, slip or fall takes years of doctor’s visits and physical therapy to properly heal.


But how can you know the difference? When should you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle a case? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer:



How serious is your injury?


As previously stated, injuries can range from a few bumps and scratches all the way to broken bones. Many minor injuries will not require the use of a lawyer and you can settle the claim on your own. However, if your pain continues for more than a few days after your injury and you feel you need to visit a healthcare professional for treatment, you should lawyer up! These kinds of injuries typically include time in a hospital, surgery, rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy and other pricier treatments. An injury lawyer, in this case, will be better suited to argue your case and get you the settlement you deserve. Choosing a lawyer will depend on your specific circumstances and we would suggest doing your due diligence such as informed research, speaking to friends and colleagues, checking credentials and of course looking for various review online and via word of mouth. A great way to get to know your lawyer is ask them a set of specific questions and ask them if they have any previous clients you can contact for references.


Was your injury caused by someone else?


If someone else caused your injury, or you believe someone else was responsible for an action that led to the death of a family member, you should contact a personal injury attorney as you will have to prove that the individual was negligent and caused the problem. Some cases like these include drunk driving cases and medical malpractice, where someone is hurt or killed because of negligence on behalf of healthcare workers.


Did your injury happen at work?


Getting hurt on the job isn’t something an employee should have to be fearful of. According to law, business owners must keep their premises safe for their employees as well as the general public. For example, if you slip on a spill that was not properly cleaned and are injured and have medical bills from the incident, you may be entitled to some compensation. An injury lawyer would be best suited for this case.


Will your injury keep you from earning your paycheck?


As mentioned before, some injuries may require hospitalization or a heavy recovery process. These can keep you out of work and away from your dfr5desk, causing you to lose wages in your healing process. If you know or believe you will lose a significant amount of wages during your recovery, hire a personal injury lawyer to help argue your case.



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Personal Injury Lawyer

lawWe all know that accidents happen but do you know how to recover correctly from these accidents? You will initially have your injuries to recover but then after this will need to look to recover your loses from your injury, time off work, care costs, hospital costs etc.  When this happens it’s normally a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer.


They will ensure you have good legal representation for either physical or physiological damages which have resulted from the wrongdoing of a third party such as an employer etc.  Most, if not all, personal injury lawyers will be trained in all aspects of law but will tend to specialise in this particular field. When choosing a good firm ask for references and do your due diligence online before taking on a new firm to help you overcome your current injuries and any future costs that you may incur.