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St. Louis personal injury lawyer

law1My wife got injured in a crash last year as she was on her way to work which ended with her having a lengthy stay in an expensive ward of a top notch hospital.  Our insurance quickly ran out and the faulty driver’s insurance was still investigating the case, we needed something to start happening quick.  I found Gateway lawyers man did they ever save the day.  Gateway lawyers is run by the Growe.Eisen. Karlen firm and they operate in the St. Louis Area.  They specialize as personal injury lawyers but that is not all they do. They also practice criminal defense, employment law and consumer protection.

The Growe.Eisen.Karlen firm really came through for my wife and I.  He was able to get the faulty driver to settle out of court, quickly, for a substantial sum of money.  My wife was able to leave the hospital shortly after receiving the settlement and we used some of our money to go on a long relaxing vacation to Hawaii.  If you are in the St. Louis area and you’re looking for St. Louis personal injury lawyer  and you need an attorney you should be using  gate way lawyers as they come highly recommended, act professionally at all times and will look after what you need taken care of.