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Accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, some accidents can result in long-term injuries or injuries that can take weeks or months to recover from. This can leave you worried, stressed, and feeling hopeless. To find out more visit CSST


If you’ve been involved in a work-related accident, you need a specially-trained advocate to help you file your accident claim. Without one, you may not get the compensation you deserve. Winnings from accident claim cases can help you cover everything from lost wages to medical bills. Having a professional advocate on your side will help you focus on your recovery instead of focusing on filing the claim yourself.


A trained team of lawyers has assisted hundreds of clients throughout their accident claim process. Clients leave satisfied knowing that they got the best service at the best price possible.

How Groupe Protektor can help you

groupeHave you been involved in a work related accident but are being left in the dark by your employer?  Workplace accidents unfortunately happen to millions of people around the world but only a small handful of these people actually only get the compensation they deserve. This can be because of many reasons such as pressure from the employer or perhaps the employer will just fight the legal battle. Thankfully there are some great firms out there such as Groupe Protektor who can assist with

CNESST, SAAQ,  IVAC and CSST.  They are here to help you and will make lodging a claim as simple and as hassle free as possible for you.  They know that a claim process can be demanding and stressful and they have helped 100’s of satisfied clients to reach successful claims without breaking their budgets.  So if you have any questions at all then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of their friendly staff today who are always on hand to help.