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Do I need a family lawyer?

law1It’s not normally a great situation when you need to get a family lawyer involved, but as they say it’s always better to be prepared. So what exactly do family lawyers do? They deal with a whole range of family related issues from domestic relations, divorce situations, child support and child custody they also  also draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and litigate related matters. Some family lawyers represent victims or perpetrators of domestic violence in civil protection order proceedings and defend clients accused of domestic violence in criminal proceedings.

Depending on which law firm you choose they also may offer services covering guardianship and adoption , juvenile issues, child abuse and neglect are also areas most law firms will cover. Depending on the current situation you’re facing it may be worth looking for a firm that specialises in the area you’re looking for, as an example some firms may specialise in only custody law where other firms may choose to focus their expertise on divorce law. When searching around it’s good to ask the firm you’re looking at what they recommend as often if they don’t cover these particular areas they will be able to point your in the right direction.


Moreover, family lawyers must have a wide range of legal skills as they draft and negotiate contracts, pleadings, and other legal documents; litigate contested matters; counsel clients on their legal rights and options; and attempt to resolve disputes and more often than not these particular skills will apply specifically to the case in question.


Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

You’ve probably reached this website because you’re considering employing the services of a family lawyer. The question is do you need a family lawyer?  Remember that the court processes for most family law cases can be long and confusing and not to mention costly. Our advice is to try to resolve the situation as best possible before contacting a lawyer. If the situation is beyond repairable then it may be wise to consult with a family attorney to help explain your rights and to protect your interests and they will be able to advise on the best route forward.  They will be able to take the most efficient course possible and navigate the technicalities of the often complicated legal process which you’re soon to undertake and of course they will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Is Family Law mediation a good option for me?

As we mentioned earlier we’re true believers in resolving these issues before they need to enter the court circuit, how do you do this you may be asking? Well, most law firms offer a service called mediation. It’s essentially is a type of method used to resolve family disputes, think of it as someone mediating between an argument you and a friend may be having.  It’s essential that a neutral third party is involved in these dispustes and this is where family mediation comes into play. You and your partner may have reached a point where you can no longer reach the same conclusion and are constantly arguing, this is the perfect point to get a 3rd party involved and of course a completely neutral point of view.   While family mediation can save the parties time and costs associated with trial, the decisions reached may not be legally binding, as the process is somewhat informal so you will still need to follow up with legal remedial process to ensure everything is legally binding.  Family law mediation is similar to other types of alternative resolution methods like family conciliation or arbitration.


How do I find a good family number?

Recommendations from friends or family are normally the best way to find a good reputable firm, that aside , of course we now have a wealth of knowledge online and reviews which can help you make an informed decision.  You can also check out https://www.cudmorelegal.com.au who are a great Australian based firm.  Cudmore legal provides family law services in Brisbane and Queensland.


They are a team of Brisbane family lawyers who only handle family law matter and they follow a team approach, with their client’s being integral members of their team.  They work with you every step of the way to ensure you remain in control of your matter and how it progresses. You can check out some of their services here or why not read more on why you should work with them.  They also have a great knowledge base here or why not check out their free legal clinic. Of course if you have any questions at all you can get in touch with one of the team here.  If social media is your thing they would also love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.


Why you need a good family lawyer

How important is it to have a family lawyer? Well, that of course depends on your circumstances and whether there are matters that need to be taken care of that would involve a lawyer. A lot of times families think that legal matters can be taken care of by either a professional family member or someone within the family who has a bit of legal knowledge.  This is not advisable at all, there are so many legal complications that can be caused by just the smallest of mistakes, and these small mistakes can cause you legal nightmares for years to come. So just go with a professional law firm as you’ll find it saves you a lot of headaches in the long run.



Now the questions is who do you commission to take on your legal work? Well, you could start by asking around for recommendations from friends and family, once you have a good recommendation then it’s always advisable to conduct further research online to ensure you’re been given the best recommendation possible, alternatively you should use the same research technique even without recommendations, there are numerous legal sites online and in fact large communities which will rate and review local law firms.

In the meantime you can start with this firm of highly recommended Family Lawyer In Richmond Hill