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With DUI Attorney Help, You Can Stay Safe on the Road

lawyerA conviction for driving under the influence can lead to serious consequences. Just one night of drinking and driving can have lasting effects on your life and the lives of those you love. Let these tips from a DUI attorney help you find ways to stay safe on the road and avoid trouble with the law.


Always consider using a designated driver. Even a small amount of alcohol can affect a motorist’s judgment and reaction time. The safest driver is one who has consumed no alcohol at all. When you go out to celebrate with family or friends, it is always worth choosing one member of the group as a driver and making an agreement ahead of time that the designated driver will abstain completely from alcohol. Many bars and restaurants offer free soft drinks and coffee for the designated driver in a group. Volunteering as a designated driver is a great gift to give friends and family at special moments in their lives. Is your brother celebrating a birthday at the local bar? Are your friends hosting an anniversary dinner at a fancy restaurant? Volunteer to be the designated driver and drive home with them after the party. They might return the favor when you have a special occasion to celebrate!


If you choose to drive after consuming alcohol, it is important to know how your own body reacts to drinking. Just one drink, if it is strong enough, can put someone over the legal limit and leave them in need of DUI attorney help. If you only drink on special occasions, you may be much more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than someone who drinks on a daily basis. If you are not sure whether you are ready to drive home, it is always a safe choice to spend another hour at the restaurant or pub, lingering over a cup of coffee or a soft drink and relaxing with your friends.



lawyer2Drunk driving convictions can be expensive and frightening. Fortunately, with DUI attorney help, you can avoid the trouble and inconvenience. These tips offer some ways to stay safe on the roads when you celebrate.


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