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McDonald’s Facing Multiple Complaints of Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment can occur at any place of employment – be it a small family-owned business or a big, multi-national company. It can happen at a private firm or a government agency. One thing is for certain — there are laws that protect victims of sexual harassment and it is not something that an employee has to tolerate.

Take McDonald’s for example. As recently reported, over the last month, 15 separate complaints have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against McDonald’s, alleging sexual harassment. The sexual harassment ranged from inappropriate physical touching (e.g. groping) to lewd comments to offers of cash in exchange for sexual favors, often by managers. McDonald’s employees alleged that not only were they sexually harassed at work, but their complaints to management about the sexual harassment were ignored and were not properly – if at all – dealt with by McDonald’s management. In some cases, employees who complained about sexual harassment then experienced retaliation. Unfortunately, many employees don’t realize that retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment is also prohibited, in the same way as the sexual harassment itself is prohibited.

If you believe you or someone you know is the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, or if you feel that you have been retaliated against for complaining to your employer about sexual harassment, please contact our office at 312-357-1431 for a free consultation.

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Choosing the right Personal Injury Attorney


If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and are injured, or if you have been injured in some form of third party accident, you may need a personal injury lawyer to assist you if you should need to seek recourse through financial compensation.

Medical bills accrued from an unintended accident, along with lost income should you be incapacitated, can build up huge financial pressure and stress. If you were not liable for the reason your accident occurred, then these expenses should be recovered from the liable party.

If you think you need a personal injury attorney, then a simple online search will list many in your area. Make sure that you select an attorney that has a solid reputation and great testimonials. The quality of your representation in court is critical to the success of your case.

Going it alone in trying to recover your financial losses from a personal injury will likely cause you more pain financially and yield poor results. Hiring a personal injury attorney to hold your hand and walk you through the legal process will greatly improve your chances of a ruling in your favor and the successful recovery of any medical expenses and lost income.