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All you need to know about finding a good car accident lawyer.

lawIt happens to us all at some stage, the inevitable car accident. Car accidents range from minor bumper-bashings, to downright scary write-offs, or even in some serious cases, loss of life. When it happens to you, you need to be prepared for any possible outcome.

Not only is the event in itself scary and with the shock, a little bit challenging to manage on site, it’s important to keep with you a checklist to complete, if you are able to do so. While the initial shock of the scene may have you concerned about immediate injuries and threats to your health, you need to be prepared for other scenarios that might not cross your mind at the time of the accident.

Things such as loss of income from days spent immobile while you are recovering. Hospital top-up insurance to make sure all your medical bills are paid and you aren’t stuck with an enormous medical bill for treatment or rehabilitation. In this time of need, it is best to turn to a car accident lawyer that is experienced in handling these types of situations.



A good car accident lawyer will be able to assist you in such a dilemma. The lawyer will go to work for you in seeking the maximum benefits from a claim or settlement. With fees usually contingent on success of the verdict, this means that there is no up-front expense on your behalf when it comes to hiring an attorney, as they will foot the bill, should your case be unsuccessful.

With this in mind, it just makes good sense to find a car accident lawyer that has a solid reputation in the industry for getting results for their clients. A quality lawyer will be able to advise you on all the nuances of the legal process and will take you by the hand, navigating you through the process until it is complete and you have received your compensation.


Not all car accidents are cause for hiring an attorney to seek an award for damages. If you are un-injured in the accident and there is minor damage, then chances are that you do not need to pursue a damages claim. However, if you, or the other passengers in the vehicle are injured, then it is important to seek out the right legal representation to seek awards on damages for such things as; loss of working time or income, loss of education or schooling, severe permanent injuries or significant damage to private property.


To be clear, if you have experienced any of the following in an accident, then seek legal counsel;

  • No clear fault from the accident can be decided upon by the parties involved.
  • There is a death, or serious injury in the accident.
  • Insurance liability ceilings are low.
  • An incorrect report was filed with the police department.
  • You receive threats or impaired service from your insurer.
  • You have no insurance cover.
  • You do not understand your insurance policy, or why it has been rejected.
  • You do not know your legal rights when involved in a vehicle accident.
  • Seeking expert advice on whether or not you have a damages claim from your accident.

Car accidents are a reality in our modern, fast-paced environment and while we all try our best to avoid them, that is why they are called accidents. However, at the end of the day, someone needs to be held accountable and liable for the accident and hiring the very best car accident lawyer to handle your case, is the surest way to make sure that all the events post the accident are taken care of with efficiency and efficacy.


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