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Paralegal Studies

legalThe paralegal is a fast growing profession that’s sometimes described as a legal assistant or legal secretary. Basically, in a nut shell, a paralegal operates under the supervision and counsel of a practising lawyer. This industry has grown attractive due to the fact that a paralegal can still earn up to $90,000 per annum while not being a fully qualified law practitioner. Undergoing your paralegal studies will be worthwhile as it is a valued profession with a broad skill set. The paralegal is responsible for many duties including; legal research for the lawyer, client interviews, drafting of legal documents and transcripts as well as other legal tasks, however, they may not dispense legal advice.

You could call it ‘Law school lite’ Because not everyone has the time necessary to dedicate to becoming a full time lawyer. That does not mean that you can just go and get a second rate education either. It’s important to choose a school that offers a valid course recognised by the relevant legal association in your area.


Your paralegal studies should give you a combination of relevant industry knowledge, specialist technical expertise and administrative ability in the areas of law and its practise. A practical course to study should be 15 to 20 weeks in length and give you a solid foundation to build your paralegal knowledge base from. Whether you are looking at a career as a paralegal in legal support staff, legal assistants, personal assistants, legal secretaries or paralegals working in a legal or commercial environment, you will need to be adequately prepared in order to grow into your role and establish yourself at your firm or practise.



The course on paralegal studies should encompass an introduction, sources and classification of law. A solid introduction to the paralegal profession, private and civil procedures. Criminal law procedure, business law procedures and the laws around evidence. Legal language, reading and writing skills and emphasis on researching skills should also be taught, as well as comparisons and perspectives on the law from a paralegals perspective.

Taking a paralegal course is also a stepping stone to law school. Studies have shown that as many as one in every ten paralegals go on to law school and then open their own practise. The paralegal world will open many doors and present many opportunities over the years, so it’s not as if you need to further your education and become a lawyer, there are many successful paralegals that earn salaries in excess of $90,000 and are quite comfortable and happy with their own extent of involvement with the law and the practise of it.legal4

When it comes down to it, your paralegal studies should offer you a career opportunity in the legal profession and should prepare you for stepping up your role to a full-fledged lawyer, should you choose to follow that career path. Choose your education institution carefully and put the work in and in no time you will be able to enter the legal world and join a practise.


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