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Meir Ezra

Meir Ezra is an entrepreneur with lots of experience in different fields and the inventor with several patents registered to their name. He established the very victorious system of gasoline distributor management. He is an inventor of TimeMaker Leadership Software: The very sophisticated management software that available in the market – joining each and every aspect required in management a company effectively and efficiently. It is pending patent software, a radical business task management and communication software which comprises a very unique planning process. He has their own businesses as well as has consulting customers in different countries.

Meir Ezra

In between their other effective technology products, a very useful and effective mobile phone blocker, this is a cell phone payment technology. He develops best software for hotel industry and more. He is very active in social affairs, having acknowledged lots of commendations for their support and dedication at many generous causes. He also launched a radical study technology to the Israel schools that assisted lots school children enhance their skills to learn and transformed a failing, low standard school into high standard schools. Also to their several community projects and the contribution of his valuable time and individual efforts, has donated several millions of dollars to generous organizations.

Locksmith San Antonio

Locksmith San AntonioGetting the service of a locksmith is very essential when you wish to change the office or home key, exit and enter a certain quarter, install a fresh or high quality lock, or also having your presented locks serviced and checked. On the other hand, you will not essentially want the locksmith services on a daily basis; a best suggestion is that you have a ready candidate in your mind so that you can directly call a trusted locksmith immediately when the requirement arises.


With the development in requirement for locksmith San Antonio and the growing number of expert locksmiths challenging in their best and expert services, it turns into very important to know certain important things regarding locksmiths in sort to have a superior overview in selecting the best one for your requirements. A best locksmith notes that one of the very essential aspects is getting to distinguish an excellent locksmith through rumor. As locksmiths are known by their valuable and effective service, familiarity is produced from their clients, and this is sensibly spread out all over the community and acknowledged by the people around. So choose a best and trustworthy locksmith service that gives you best and suitable service.