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Hybrid DBAs – what are the options?

Litigation fundingTraditionally designed to finance the claimant, third party funding for commercial litigation has evolved and a number of new funding products aimed at law firms themselves are entering the litigation funding market.

These new products have been created specifically to finance the law firms directly to allow them to offer Damages Based Agreements (DBAs). These new funding products have attracted a lot of attention in industry press. Many view them as response to the frustrations law firms have experienced with the uncertainty surrounding DBA regulations.

Two main options exist when it comes to DBAs for law firms. Option 1: the litigation funder agrees to finance a percentage of the risk, meaning that the firm would enter into a full DBA with the claimant and receive a proportion of their WIP through a separate agreement with the funder.

Option 2: similar to a partial DBA from the law firm’s perspective, it involves the claimant entering into a standard third party funding arrangement with the funder directly. The funder then enters into an additional and separate agreement with the law firm.

Director at the largest litigation funding broker in the UK, TheJudge, Matthew Amey, explains that “this would give the firm the ability to act on a partial contingency fee basis.”

In the article “Hyrbrid DBAs are the talk of the town – what’s the true picture?” published on TheJudge company website, Amey continues to say that “using this model, the firm’s retainer is a standard fee paying one – not a DBA. Crucially all parties agree that the law firm can be paid a share of the funder’s uplift if the case is successful.”

We will wait to see whether either of these two hybrid DBA arrangement options will become mainstream and what new options may emerge as rules on DBAs become clearer. Damages Based Agreements continue to be a topic of great interest in the litigation funding market and hold a special interest for law firms in particular. More information and regular updates about DBAs and other litigation funding and ATE insurance subjects can be found in the news area of TheJudge website:

Michael LeRoy

labourMichael LeRoy is very expert in labor law, collective bargaining and employee rights, he has written on various topics related to labor, together with lockouts and strikes, and arbitration the legal query is about 9/11, home terrorism as well as disasters has risen for workers. Michael LeRoy has actions in the School of Labor, College of Law and Employment Relations on the campus of Urbana-Champaign. He educates government regulation, collective bargaining, employment law, and government regulation and dispute resolution.

He utilizes two different and basic techniques at the time he educates. In different courses like law about employment, where a specialist body of information have be conveyed, he utilizes a conventional format of lecture and assigns materials of case more willingly than texts. He has a preference the case materials as they assist students to understand how to examine those particular sources for themselves. Some other courses, like collective bargaining, advantage from more interaction of student. On the other hand, he leads the students throughout the complete series of mediation, bargaining and arbitration imitations.

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