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A conviction for driving under the influence can lead to serious consequences. Just one night of drinking and driving can have lasting effects on your life and the lives of those you love More »

Benefits Of Divorce Attorneys

Some life changing events are nearly impossible to pull through without the help of others. More »

History of Lawyers

Ever since Socrates received the death penalty in Greece, 400 years before the Common Era – and most likely long before that – people have been complaining about, and depending upon, lawyers. More »

Key Considerations in Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

divorceDivorce is one of the most complicated legal processes any person can go through. More »

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lawWhether you are leasing out your property or you’re the one doing the renting, landlord-tenant relationships are important. But, of course, there are several cases when renting a property from someone or leasing your property to someone can backfire.


There have been countless numbers of legal cases where landlords have had to due to collect damages or back rent. There have also been a number of legal cases where tenants have sued landlords to illegally evicting them. Unfortunately, there is often a need to settle issues between landlords and tenants in court.


Many of the legal issues between landlords and tenants are financial in nature, so it is vital for both parties to have representation. Skilled attorneys can help landlords and tenants alike solve these issues. Here is some information about the Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC; what services they offer; and how to get in contact with the law firm:



If you’re looking for a landlord eviction attorney, let the Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC help you.


The firm is headed by Einhorn who graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. in 1994 with degrees in Economics and International Studies. He graduated from the Quinnipiac School of Law in 1998. He became a District of Columbia Bar member in 2001.


A native of Connecticut, Einhorn is dedicated to helping you deal with the legal issues that need solving in your life.



Einhorn usually represents landlords, but has represented both each year for several years. Here are the issues the attorney can help you with and some additional information about each:



Removing a resident for their failure to comply with the lease or failure to pay their rent is never an easy process. Instead of trying to complete an eviction without any planning, a landlord can get help from the attorney by getting their paperwork prepared and by getting legal advice like how to properly communicate with the resident being evicted.



When the firm does represent the tenant, they most commonly assist in litigation dealing with wrongful tenant lockouts. Basically, if a tenant is illegally evicted, they can sue for money damages because an illegal eviction would mean that you would have to find another place to stay and pay to remove your items from the residential property. You should fight to get your money back for the expenses you paid when you were wrongfully locked out.



It isn’t uncommon for tenants to either owe you money after they are evicted or to owe you money for damages to a property after they leave. Instead of hoping they will pay you back, you can let the attorney help you with collections.



Most people think of landlord and tenants dealing with residential properties. It is important to note, however, law4that there are residential properties that business owners can be evicted from. No matter if you are a tenant or a landlord, let the law office help you out. Landlords can learn how to properly go about evicting a business owner from their rental property, and tenants can learn their rights and get help with a number of rental-related legal issues. Get representation to help you win your case.



Illegal in almost every state, retaliatory evictions happen when landlord attempts to or illegally evicts a tenant for following their legal rights. For example, a landlord cannot legally evict, harass, or raise the rent of a tenant who complains to a government agency about the landlord or requests legally-mandated repairs.


Instead of letting a landlord throw you out of the property you’re paying to rent because they were rubbed the wrong way by your actions, seek help from the Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC.



For more information, visit the Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC online at EinhornLawFirm.com. You can also call the offices at 203-269-1665 or email Geoff@einhornlawfirm.com. The Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC is located at 741 N. Colony Rd., Suite 1, Wallingford, Conn. 06492 and is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Night and weekend appointments are available upon request, and free initial consultations are available. Get the representation you need with the Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC. You can also find out more about the great team behind the firm here or why not check out their feature packed blog and of course if you have any questions at all they are always on hand to help here.


anshamThe solicitors and lawyers at Ansham White know how important it is for you to know that your family is protected and cared for if something were to happen. That’s why Ansham White Solicitors can help you create a will and probate that will protect your family if something were to happen to you.


But that’s not all. Ansham White Solicitors can also help you by providing or assisting you in the creation or completion of immigration documents, litigation, and elderly client care plans. This is the best way to ensure that you and your family are taken care of.


For the best solicitors in Harrow, contact Ansham White Solitors today. Visit AnshamWhite.com for more information, or you can call +44 0208 634 5850 or email info@anshamwhtie.com.


Ansham White is located in Harrow Business Centre, 429-433 Pinner Road, North Harrow, Middlesex HA1 4HN.

Why You Need A Divorce Attorney

lawGoing through a divorce can be one of the most confusing and complicated times of your life (thinking about shared custody of the kids, property sharing, getting a divorce attorney and all) and why not? You are about to end a phase of your life and start another. You might have been thinking about it for some time, or you just made the decision, whichever way there is about to be a divorce, and you have to be ready for it.

Most people decide to go cheap by representing them self after reading a couple of books on divorce instead of hiring a professional. While a do-it-yourself divorce is a cute idea and saves cost, it does not work in all situations; it just might screw you especially if your divorce case is complicated.

Here are some reasons why you need a divorce attorney;

  1. Objective advice

Going through a divorce can be tough, and your emotions would be all over the place, in that state of mind it is almost impossible to be rational and objective. In a case like this, it is always advisable to have someone who is emotionally detached from all the drama to help you see clearly and be objective; this is where a divorce lawyer comes in.


A divorce lawyer can let you know when you are unreasonable and give you objective advice on the right thing to do. Because when emotions are running high, you just might sabotage your case, but a divorce attorney would not allow that.

  1. Reduce stress

Since divorce can be very stressful and painful for everybody involved, you should try and make it as stress-free as possible, and the best way to do that is to hire a divorce attorney. They would help you handle the whole process without you having to worry about anything; even meeting with your ex-spouse which might be painful for you.

A divorce attorney would take care of everything leaving you to take care of just your family and yourself, in this trying period.

  1. Avoid mistakes

Going through a divorce the first time is stressful enough, why would you want to do it again? You might need to do it again if you did not do it right the first time. If you decide to go through your divorce without a lawyer you might get so stressed and overwhelmed that you make one or two mistakes and this mistake might have you coming back to make changes on certain provisions of your divorce settlements, and this would be harder than the first time.

No matter how cordial the other party is, they are most likely not going to point out whatever mistake you make but use it to their advantage. But when you get a divorce lawyer that has your best interest, they know the right things to do and would be able to spot any mistake that can affect you badly.



It might be hard to trust someone again, but you need to trust a divorce attorney to handle things for you. A divorce lawyer does not only reduce your stress but makes sure everything goes smoothly and without delay. They have your best interest at heart, and so they know the faster and smoothly the process goes the better you would feel.